Tarte au Chocolat Orange

Be careful what you wish for, as that old saying goes –  it might well come true…

And this time, come true it did –  in the form of the traditionally festive (although excellent all year around I find!) Chocolate Orange!     Between us all, we amassed the grand total of nine!    A little like an episode of Star Trek I strangely recall watching as a child (my Dad made us watch it!) these small round things just kept on multiplying.

Then (as is normally the case when one of your New Year’s resolution is to try and lose a few pounds) they seemed to speak to me from the depths of the newly assigned Christmas chocolate “house” (currently occupying half the tea cupboard!), just waiting until I walked past, when they would whisper “eat me!” (OK I might have imagined that last bit!)!    And something had to be done.   Something also had to be done about a slight hankering I had for a certain UK shop’s Tarte au Chocolat that my sister informed me that she had had a slice of for breakfast one morning (it runs in the family it seems), when the answer suddenly came to me.   I would kill two birds with one stone, and make my own chocolate tart, but with chocolate oranges instead, and with orange pastry no less!!


And so, may I present to you, a slightly decadent (and by no means slimming!) Tarte au Chocolat Orange?… I promise it’s good (and big enough that you won’t actually mind sharing -with someone really special!)…


It now (or rather, what’s left of it!)  lies safely ensconced in the depths of the freezer.  I have no idea whether this will actually work or not (it should freeze though surely?), I just know that the walls are thicker in there, and I can’t hear it calling so much!


I was going to put this in my new Expat Essentials category, but apparently it’s not essential.  I don’t agree.   And no, it’s not Terry’s, it’s mine (only English people will get that reference!)…

 Tarte au Chocolat Orange

250g Plain flour;
50g Icing sugar;
125g cold unsalted butter;
half zest of an orange;
1 large egg,
Splash of milk.

400g Chocolate Orange (or plain chocolate);
300ml single cream;
50g sugar;
50g butter.

Make the pastry by sieving the flour and icing sugar together, before rubbing in the butter. Add the zest of the orange, and the egg, and a splash of milk to bring it together. Wrap in cling-film and put in the fridge for at least an hour.

Preheat the oven to 200C. Line your tin or tart dish with baking paper (this made enough pastry for a large 32cm tarte and a little one as a tester for the chef!), bake blind for 15 minutes, before removing the baking beans and baking for a further 5 minutes (depending on the thickness of your pastry, you might need a couple of minutes more here!)…

Leave to cool slightly and get on with the filling. Put the chocolate, cream, butter and sugar together in a pan over a medium heat, and whisk together until melted and glossy. Pour into the pastry cases, and leave to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.

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  1. says

    omgosh this looks amazing. I have to be honest and say I’m a terrible baker but I’m fantastic at eating! I wish I had the skill and courage to make this but maybe it’s good I don’t or else I’d be eating it every week haha. Chocolate is my achilles heel! Gorgeous photos Emma!

  2. says

    Oh my, my prayers have been answered. This is like my ultimate pudding. I’ve eaten countless chocolate oranges over the past two months and I’m still not sick of them. You clever little genius, you!

    • bavaria says

      Aw thanks! Of course, you could just make the pastry and just crack open a chocolate orange, arrange it nicely and eat without the rest of the hard work?!? :D

  3. says

    Oh wow, this looks ah-mazing, chocolate orange tarte is worth a cheat day from my clean eating/low carb eating…thanks so much for linking up to #tastytuesdays!

  4. says

    it’s been ages since I had a chocolate orange but those tempting little segments are on my mind now…not good! The tarte is inspired though, looks fabulous – such a great idea and a perfect way to use up your impressive chocolate haul. Think putting it in the freezer wasn’t a bad idea either! x

  5. says

    I was pondering a vegan version of a chocolate tart the other.I’ve found some seriously delicious but expensive egan chocolate but I want to use it in something like this.

  6. says

    Wow I didn’t know that chocolate could be improved in how it looks so much,……I hope your freezer walls are thick as that is calling rather loudly.

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