All things Fondue


You can’t go to Switzerland and not have a fondue can you?  That’s like going to Paris and not having a croissant or a baguette, or even visiting Germany and not having a single sausage (speaking of Sausages, do pop over to my friend’s new site – A Sausage Has Two, a beautiful place full […]

Andermatt – Switzerland


The view from the kitchen sink… My initial relationship with skiing might have been much more positive if I hadn’t first been subjected to the concrete monstrosities of certain European resorts.   The same resorts that managed to destroy the image I had of a picture perfect place with traditional alpine buildings, set in picturesque […]

Manic Mornings – Andermatt


First Light. The mornings in our temporary abode for the week have been, let’s just say, far far from relaxing. The days usually start at around 7am, when we are stirred from our slumbers by the melodic bings and bongs from Andermatt’s churches. The franticness starts soon afterwards. Over the heads of reluctant breakfast eaters (it’s […]

Ten and the Make Do Cake…


The Small Girl turned ten yesterday.  Ten whole years.  Where has the time gone? With double digits I guess she can’t be classified as a “Small Girl” for much longer, especially as she gets taller by the second!… As we are in Switzerland for a few days, and she celebrates her birthday away from home, […]

Meeting Mantova


We are staying in Italy for the time being (yes it’s still freezing – currently around -10!), but moving on from Sirmione to Mantova (or Mandua as it’s called locally!)… Compared to Bardolino, and to some extent Sirmione, at least in terms of how busy it is, and the amount of visible tourists, Mantova is […]