Fairground Fun – Sunday Photo


We went to the Fruehlingsfest (Oktoberfest’s little sister) in Munich yesterday.  Small Girl and I went super early to explore the massive flea market they have on the first Saturday.     The day started out cloudy and cold, but ever the danger mouse she wanted to go on as many fairground rides as she […]

The Russell Cotes Museum


“A home, an art gallery, and a museum. Then they sealed it in time, and gave it to the future…” Perfectly perched atop Bournemouth’s picturesque East Cliff, lies a house so ornate you would be forgiven for walking past it and thinking it was a posh hotel (its creator was also the owner of the Royal […]

Revisiting Neuschwanstein…


Back in 2012, we had a less than successful visit to Neuschwanstein.   Less than successful only in the sense that unbeknownst to us the castle was being renovated at the time, and as it slowly dawned on us as we drew ever nearer, looked like it had been completely bubble-wrapped. The rest of our […]

Easter Fountains (Osterbrunnen) and Storks Nests


There’s a tradition at this time of year that can be spotted all over Bavaria and beyond from Good Friday onwards, and usually lasts until a couple of weeks after Easter.   Osterbrunnen (Easter Fountains or Wells) were thought to celebrate water – obviously essential for life, at a time when renewed life is also […]

Spring in Munich and a Boozy Birthday Cake…


We have so many birthdays in our family in February, March and April, that those of us (mostly just me!) with birthdays later in the year, can often feel a little left out in the flurry of cakes, days out, and presents…. Mr R grew another year older and wiser last week too, on a […]