Two Days in Kitzbuhel…

by bavaria on August 25, 2014


We went through a bit of an Austrian phase at the start of the Summer hols…  I guess it’s a little like popping to France when you live in the UK – you don’t have to go too far to find a slightly different world!

This time we had family visiting, so we gave them free reign to decide on whereabouts we should visit for a couple of days. Kitzbuhel was the popular choice, and was more than fine with the rest of us, as none of us (apart from my ski freak husband) had been there before.

We actually stayed nearby in Brixen im Thale straight from the pages of a Johanna Spyri book (except in Austria not Switzerland!). The very lovely family run Hotel Hubertus did us proud with typical flower laden balconies, and rooms filled with stylish but traditional Alpine  furniture.  Sadly, we managed to time our visit on a Monday/Tuesday, when the highly recommended hotel restaurant is closed.  But, if the excellent and varied breakfasts are anything to go by, it’s a good indication that it’s a pretty special place to eat.   Small Boy had fourths in the breakfast department each morning!!


Brixen im Thale itself has a few small Gasthofs and restaurants to deliberate over, and it’s definitely worth an investigational walk as some of the traditional wooden houses here are just stunning – and had Mr R and I peering into the windows of various estate agents from time to time!

1-Huburtus 1

Apart from the gloriously green mountain views, another truly special thing that Hotel Hubertus has to offer guests is its natural swimming pool – filtered and cleaned by plants instead of chemicals.    This completely intrigued my Floridian Swimming Pool business owning In-Laws, who had yet to set eyes on such a thing.  Somehow I am not sure it will catch on in the land of snakes and alligators, although I wouldn’t mind one with a manatee in it!   The chilly weather meant that whilst we might not have been tempted for a dip,  the Small People (who are used to Bavarian lake swimming) most definitely were!  They loved it, especially with the odd water boatman or frog to say hello to as they swam on by.


We made it to Kitzbuhel on the second day, where we managed to catch part of the Trans Alps Challenge which coincided with the UK going Tour de France crazy.   I am of the opinion that this race was of equally tough terrain however, covering 19,000 vertical metres which quite frankly sounds like hell to me!  I bet the spectators in Yorkshire didn’t have any samples of wurst chucked at them by the PR cars too!   We felt so sorry for the riders as they wound their soggy way through Kitzbuhel’s rain drenched streets.   Infact, the weather cut short our visit and curbed our exploration of Kitzbuhel itself (you know it was really bad if an English person tells you that!), but undoubtedly we will be back to investigate another day…  Perhaps when it’s all white next time?   The snow stuff is beginning to appear in the shops already, so I doubt it will be that long…

Ps.  Forgive the state of my pictures in this post. They were all taken just before my camera sadly conked out!

Hubertus Hotel;
Strobl Ahornweg 4
6364 Brixen im Thale,
Tirol, Austria

Tel: +43 5334 81870


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