Malga Millegrobe


“Malga” roughly translates as “alpine hut”, and as you might expect for an area famous for its vast alpine plateaux, at one time there must have been hundreds here.   And although there aren’t quite as many left nowadays,  you can still find plenty.    Some of them are used for their original purpose of […]

Folgaria Eats


Our introduction to Folgaria wouldn’t have been complete without decent Italian food.   Used to Austrian and Bavarian Alpine restaurants (which tend to be good, but usually stick to what they do best) I often get a bit “schnitzelled” and “spatzled” out after a couple of days.      In Folgaria however, as part of […]



The way up isn’t that treacherous as mountain roads go, at least it isn’t in glorious Autumn sunshine – it’s just jaw-droppingly beautiful instead.   A treat for the eyes as we covered roads that slowly unravelled upwards – spotting small villages perched precariously on the mountainside, admiring alpine forests in their final autumnal throes, […]