Seeing Sirmione


A few days unplanned blog hiatus thanks to typical January germs, medical appointments, and joy of joys, snow.    The kind of stuff that adds an extra 40 snow shovelling minutes to each morning (how I miss the snow blower thing we had in Denmark), as well as making the usual drive into work a […]

Expat Essentials – Blinis


Spending time in your native country means that you can (usually) understand everything that’s being said (unless someone’s from Glasgow and then I will admit to struggling at times) around you, which means great conversations with random people that just wouldn’t usually happen in your expat life.   In shop queues, at train stations, bus stops […]

19 Tips for a Happy Family Ski Trip

ski trip jpeg

As people here start to get in a frenzy about which set of mountains have the best snow at weekends, some of you might be contemplating a family ski trip for the first time.   Here’s a rehash of a post I wrote for BritMums a little over a year ago, but with a few […]

Munich Musings – Flammkuchen and Passport Photos


In our old life, as well as Royal Parks and Palaces, we had a certain city on our doorstep (as you’ve heard many many times).    Once children came along, and the daily commute into London was finally over for me after 8 long (but mostly fun) years, we found ourselves rarely going in to […]

Christmas at Dines Barn…


Christmas can be a strange time of year for Expats.   Many find themselves torn between having a quiet but convenient festive period in their host country – tempted by the promise of endless lie-ins, not having to worry about smuggling presents anywhere from Father Christmas (and managing to keep them out of sight), and […]