Rome Part 4 – A Final Photo Essay

by bavaria on April 15, 2014


So here it is, the final day (yes finally!) …     A day to take in what we had already seen, and recap on a few places that we hadn’t spent that much time in (and make mental notes of what to see next time), including a visit to the glorious Piazza del Popolo  - this time to pay homage to the Caravaggio’s inside the Basilica of Santa Maria. How artists like Caravaggio managed to achieve such realism and vivid colours at that point in time is beyond me, you can spot his works straight away here as they really do stand out…



And whilst I stood appreciating the talents of this incredible artist (and waited for the crowds to disperse to enjoy one particular painting in entirety without 55 people standing in front of it) – The Seven Year old, who had been entranced by a massive bubble gum machine in the foyer of our hotel for the entirety of our stay, had quietly been enjoying the reward he had so patiently waited for – and picked that very moment to let me know that he had kept this (now chewed up) bubblegum for later.  In his pocket.   Along with around 25 tiny bits of Lego and lots and lots of fluff – all of which (including his hand) was now gummed together.  I had thought that this reward had been safely discarded before we had entered such sacred surroundings, but this memory will forever mark how I remember this beautiful little basilica, and it’s impressive collection!!   Look out for the stunning domed ceiling by Raphael here, along with the intricate dragon, and the many stone skulls dotted about the place…






Sticky situation dealt with, we strolled through grand streets, passing iconic building after iconic building, and the not so iconic alike (but equally impressive!).  We admired the stereotypical vehicles that pump the arteries of this amazing city (including those piled so high with goods, they deserved a medal for not toppling over), and thanked the blue skies and sunshine that coloured everything in for us as we walked.   We passed slumbering guard bears, and spent time leafing through market stalls with towers of antique books (many of which wanted to come home with us!), before deciding on one very last lunch at our most favourite place of all…



I cannot recommend Maccheroni enough (thank you Nicole for that tip as well!)   From the staff who adored the Small People (and treated them to amazing “skullabone tattoos” – I wonder if they had witnessed the tap-dancing skeleton a few days earlier?) to the specialities such as the Cacio et Pepe  (a regional dish of macaroni with cheese and pepper) that this restaurant is so famed for, and quite rightly so…     On this particular day however, I felt the need for comfort food, something that would envelop me in a big Roman “hug” before we said goodbye to this amazing city – and the Cannelloni was up to that task, as was the huge zabaglione we all shared afterwards…

Ciao Rome, until next time.   And there will be a next time believe me, I just hope it won’t be too long…


Maccheroni:  - Piazze delle Coppolla 44,  00186 Roma, Italy –    Phone: +39 06 6830 7895      Most definitely 10/10


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