Back to Bornholm – Denmark


In order to join in with Mari’s fabulous Time Traveller linky, I thought we would go back in time to our previous country, and one of my favourite trips we took while we lived there – to Bornholm… For those of you unacquainted, Bornholm is a small island in the middle of the Baltic sea, […]

Cloud Busting – Paragliding Bavaria


(This is one of my photographs, and not Mr R’s.  Just to let you know…)  No, not me…  For that would be truly ridiculous at this exact point in my life; and believe me at just over 20 weeks pregnant, I am already at a stage where I fear I would plummet!! But, in answer […]

Castles, Bears and Candlelight – Cesky Krumlov


It makes perfect sense to me – even more so if the place we happen to be visiting is slightly touristy – to do a guided tour with a native.  Someone who has lived in a place all their lives, knows it inside out, and can show you beneath the (often superficial) surface of their […]

Cosmic Stones and Junior Blacksmiths – Cesky Krumlov


If you are visiting Cesky Krumlov with kids, there are a couple of tiny museums we stumbled across that are well worth seeing… First up the Moldavite Museum… Completely dedicated to a strange precious green stone (shops for which are widespread throughout the town) found in this region, that is said to be the result […]

Český Krumlov – Czech Republic


We love Prague, and have always said we needed to explore the country more, and there’s far more to the Czech Republic than Prague itself as my Czech friends keep telling me, so when some friends asked us if we would like to go with them to Český Krumlov last weekend (which happened to be […]