Expat Essentials – English Bacon


Yes, you read that correctly.   This is a “how to make your own bacon” post – brought to you with the able assistance of Mr R (and a very helpful website.  More on that soon!) as he is chief bacon/sausage maker in this house. I didn’t really learn to cook and bake properly until […]

Meeting Monkeys – Alsace


Discussing the price of bananas…  Ten days of hecticness until school ends for summer, and I become a lady of leisure once more (well kind of!)… I still have Budapest to write about, and a weekend trip to Colmar, but to keep you in the loop in the meantime whilst things are so busy, here’s […]

Photographing Bratislava


A few further  pictures on this little Gem, to give you more of a feel for the place, and its spaces… Don’t forget to look up, who knows what (or who) you might be missing! Venture away from the more touristy main streets, real life (and excellent coffee) exists there… National Theatre  Hrad Castle  The […]

Briefly in Bratislava…


A mere one hour’s drive from Vienna lies Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, and the only capital city in the entire world to border two countries – Austria and Hungary. We had a stop over there last week on our way to Budapest for the weekend (one thing I love about Bavaria is the amount of […]

Kaltenberger Ritterturnier – Bavaria


If you are looking for things to do this Bavarian Summer holiday, you might like to know that tickets are now on sale for the July Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (or Kalternberger Knight Tournament if your German is as rusty as mine)… We went for the first time last year (I went under duress I might add […]